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PEDIGLASS Ashi-bijin 5-Toe Socks

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Say Goodbye to foot problems and hello to healthier feet.
Ashi-bijin 5-Toe Socks is your solution to various feet problems. With its three-point arch support and unique PEDIGLASS Technology, you'll surely get the relief you need from those unwanted foot issues you've been complaining about. From floating toe, splayfoot, flatfoot, and bunions to pincer nail, callus, and corn, this sock helps protect, prevent and relieve these concerns effectively.

Say goodbye to foot problems & hello to healthier feet!

W Whatever condition your feet has, Ashi-bijin socks by Pediglass will surely provide the relief you need. Experience the benefits only these socks provide.


3-Point ARCH Technology

Has a unique arch support function the helps correct the arch of the feet and open out the toes naturally.

Single Rib Top Lettuce Edge

For comfortable fit and alleviates tightness on the ankles.

Special 5-toe socks

For natural toe movement and allow them to grasp the ground firmly.

helps you stand upright

Makes your body aware of standing straight just by wearing it.

PEDIGLASS Technology

Incorporated with patented technology developed for more that 30 years, Pediglass Ashi-bijin Socks have been highly recommended by medical professionals for helping resolve foot problems.

Product Size S(20~22cm), M(22~24cm)
L(24~26cm), LL(26~28cm)
Table Thread 100% cotton
Back Thread nylon, polyurethane, polyester
Technology PEDIGLASS Technology