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HOO-gargle is an alcohol-free mouthwash you can use safely after brushing your teeth. It will help to remove foreign substances that causes bad breath. The 10-year-old ginseng is extracted using a patented technology in Korea, which has been tested and certified. Since it comes in individual pods, you can also fit one inside your bag easily and use it anytime, anywhere.

Product specifications:

- Ginsenocide (10-year old ginseng) is extracted using RH2 Main Technology.

- Can be used on daily basis.

- There are no use of alcohol substance.

- Made from propolis, xylitol, apple spearmint, keto acid, grapefruit extract, maple scent, and green tea extract.

- Preventing halitosis to occur.

- Parental guidance necessary for children so as not to swallow the gargle.


Important notes:

- For local shipping, the delivery process will take 1-3 days, depending on your courier.

- For international shipping, the delivery process will take 2-3 weeks from Singapore, depending on your region.

- Items will be shipped out within 24 hours after orders are received.