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Ninano - Tablet Film (iPad Air 4 / iPad 7/8/9)

by Ninano
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Product specifications:

- Protecting you from 95% of the EMF radiation wave caused by a tablet device.

- Absorbs EMF and does not reflect it back to the environment or other users.

- Equipped by transparent shielding material from nanotechnology.

- Light and easy to carry.

- Can be easily applied for use.

- Can fit easily according to your tablet size.

- Compatible with iPad Air 4 + iPad 7/8/9

Now it's time to enjoy your screen time activity! Ninano Tablet Film will protect you from the 95% EMF generated by your iPad and absorb it, so the EMF will not be reflected in anyone or the environment. Long-term exposure to EMF can affect the body and damage the cells. EMF can be found when working on your laptop, in close proximity to an active WiFi router, calling someone through smartphones, or facing the display monitor screens.

Apply the film behind your iPad and it will help filter the radiation wave. The film has a transparent shielding material made by using nanotechnology. This technology has been tested and certified in Korea, and is supported by Defence Agency for Technology and Quality (DTaQ). The pad also received patents for the innovation.

Important notes:

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- Film is only suitable for iPad Air 4 + iPad 7/8/9