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Japanese Furnitures

About Ganko Oyagi

Ganko Oyagi is a Japanese company that builds high-quality wood furnishings that are ergonomically designed and crafted by the best wood-smiths in Japan. Its name is a Japanese term that roughly translates to my stubborn old man or my stubborn father.

Like what the name implies, Ganko Oyaji uses century-old wood that has been strengthened by time and made tough by the years of adversities it has to go through.

Their furniture is all created by century-old craftsmen skill. Only the best wood material in the ecosystem of forestry are selected. Their mission is to ensure that Japanese tradition is not lost and the masterpieces can be handed down to the next generation.

The Best Furniture Craftsmen in Japan

The craftsmen making the furniture of Ganko Oyagi are seasoned wood-smiths that are masters of their field. They are inheritors of the age-old ways of Japanese furniture building. They enjoy what they do with happiness in their hearts and the honor of carrying on their ancestral tradition.

The craftsmen of Ganko Oyaji takes satisfaction in the feeling of making something really good and giving joy to the people who use it.

Ganko Oyagi built a strong trust and relationship with its craftsmen – treating them like family and not just mere employees. They are partners in making the business grow and is part of the vision the company is aiming for.

Ganko Oyaji Furniture

With its aim to be the number one and the only wood furniture every family should have in their household, Ganko Oyaji put in its roster, types of furniture suitable for every part of the home. From dining chairs to sofas and study desk, you’ll find excellent quality furniture at Ganko Oyaji.

Ganko Oyaji’s vision is to put wood furniture in every home with family members gathering around it – and someday will remind them of the happy memories these pieces of furniture were once a part of.

Ganko Oyaji and Phiten

When Ganko Oyaji heard that Phiten (a world-renowned health company in Japan) is making mattresses and other beddings, they wanted to collaborate with them and build furniture that would take advantage of the health benefits these Phiten products provide. This started the Ganko Oyai + Phiten collaboration.

The two companies worked together to build exceptional furniture that is not just long-lasting but could also have health beneficial effects to the user. They decided to use camphor – a tree native to Japan – as the material for these pieces of furniture because of its relaxing aroma that lasts forever. With the warmth of camphor and the technology of Phiten, these furniture collaborations are a must-have at every home.