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Hypet - Hydrogen Water Drink Bowls for Pets

by Solco
SKU EH01-1801

What Makes our Hydrogen Generator STANDOUT?

  • Hydrogen Generator for your fluffy pets
  • Probably the only generator that has FDA and CE registration in the world
  • Patented Sextuple Titanium-Platinum Electrolysis
  • Powerfully dissolves hydrogen and penetrate it into water molecules.
  • High ratio of dissolved hydrogen
  • Less than 5 watts which will save on your electrical bills

How it Works


  • Probably the only generator that has FDA and CE registration in the world
  • Patented Sextuple Titanium-Platinum Electrolysis

Suggestion of Use

  • Generate Hydrogen Dissolved Water for your pets while you are not at home.
  • Just plug into a power plug to generate Hydrogen Dissolved Water
  • Encourage your pet to drink more water for a healthier well being
  • Eliminate bad odour as it cleanses its body system
  • Reduction of skin infection  


  • Made from Eco-Friendly Tritan Bis-Phenol A (BPA) Material 
  • Anti Bacterial FDA safe

Direction of Care

  • Use citric acid powder (provided) with hot water every 6 months
  • Hand Wash preferred

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Hypet Dispenser
  • 1 X USB connector with Plug
  • 1 X Citric Acid


  • 1 year from date of issued receipt
  • Please keep your purchase receipt for verification
  • Warranty applicable for manufacturing defects only

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made In Korea 

Share healthy water with your Pets

A one-of-a-kind drinking bowl for your most cherished companion animals, HYPET is a hydrogen water generator that produces quality H2 water that is beneficial to your pet’s health.

Patented Sextuple Titanium-Platinum Electrolysis

Innovative technology of dissolved Hydrogen Rich Water, this patent technology of Solco hydrogen water generator, separates oxygen and hydrogen (H2) from water quick and safe, then strongly dissolves hydrogen and spreads it into water molecules.

High ratio of dissolved Hydrogen

Maintain dissolved Hydrogen for a long period of time

Maintain a large amount of dissolved hydrogen despite the temperature change

High Concentration of Dissolved Hydrogen in Minutes

It only takes 5 minutes to populate 500 ml of water with a high concentration of dissolved Hydrogen Molecules that reaches the level of up to 800 ppb.

Long Hydrogen Retention Time

Hydrogen, one of the lightest substances, completely evaporates approximately 10 minutes after being dissolved in water. SOLCO’s hydrogen water generator is an innovative product that allows hydrogen to be ratained for a longer period of time.


Help your pets live a healthier life without having to worry about the common diseases that may affect them. Let them drink hydrogen water regularly.

Easy & Convenient

Convert regular water into high concentration hydrogen water quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.


Can be used for long periods of time without extra filter maintenance costs. Consumes no more than 5W of power.

Anti-bacterial Materials

Made with FDA approved 98% anti-bacterial materials. Prevents the spread of bacteria and provides excellent deodorization.

Guaranteed Safe for Pets

Hypet Hydrogen Water is internationally certified safe and free of 50 kinds of bacteria and pathogens and 57 kinds of heavy metal and chemical substances.

Trusted brand for over 45 years

Established in 1974, SOLCO BIOMEDICAL is a global medical & healthcare company that exports its products to 20 different countries overseas. It is also the first medical device manufacturer in Korea, and has developed health care products for body temperature and antioxidation for 45 years.

Product Size 246(W) x 90(H)mm
Product Weight 488g
Container Capacity 600ml
Rated Voltage DC 5V
Technology Patented Sextuple Titanium-Platinum Electrolysis

The hydrogen generator has acheived the Atopy safety mark as a company for excellent atopy prevention environment from the Corporation Aggregate Korea Atopy Association.