We live in a world that keeps us constantly on the go. With hearts beating at lightning speed, we rush to get everything done that must be done “instantly”. Getting up in the morning, the first big rush is to wash and dress up before rushing to get to work on time. The usual day is spent rushing from one project to another, grabbing a bite to eat during breaks, and then rushing to conclude everything in the to-do list before it is time to leave. Another rush, as we venture forth on the fight for getting on the bus or train, or driving through heavy traffic to go home where we arrive exhausted from all the rushing and then still have to prepare dinner for the family. After all this rushing we hope for a little time of relaxation prior to going to bed.

This whirlwind living is not only tiring, it is most stressful!

Your heart and stress

The American Heart Association (AHA) states that stress can influence behaviors that have negative implications on the heart.

Among the more common implications of stress that many people experience are irregular sleep patterns, headaches, anxiety, and depression. Through research, more and more reasons for stress being harmful to our health are becoming highlighted.

Studies of stress
Studies have shown that people who work long hours can risk alcohol abuse as alcohol usage is a relief for stress. Other people resort to smoking to calm them, while others indulge in comfort eating, which of could lead to obesity. All of the factors mentioned can lead to poor heart condition by the rise of blood pressure, which in turn can cause the walls of the arteries to become damaged.