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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Do you know that confidence is necessary in our daily lives? We get excited by telling our stories and what we do on the weekend to our friends, our dates or even our family. But a bad remark from an acquaintance can throw you off-guard and kill that confidence, which may even cause anxiety.

We don't usually notice how our breath plays an important part when we are telling our stories. Some people might not realise about this issue, however bad breath is a problem almost anyone can experience.

There are many factors to consider about bad breath problems. It might be caused by food, poor dental hygiene, tobacco products, or even certain medication. However, there are also medical conditions that might cause bad breath, such as excessive saliva production, tonsillitis, gum inflammation, gastritis, and so on.

To reduce this issue, it might be good to use preventive methods to keep a good condition of your mouth. These steps can be done to ensure it:

  1. Brush your teeth before and after sleeping.
  2. Use HOO-gargle after a meal to reduce bacterial risk inside your mouth.
  3. Minimise the use of tobacco products.
  4. See a doctor if symptoms persist, as it might be related to a medical condition.


There are certain cases where a mouthwash can help to improve your bad breath problems in the short-term. However, some mouthwashes that contain alcohol might cause your mouth to become dry and that gives room for bacteria to grow in the long run.


We recommend using HOO-gargle as it's alcohol free, contains extracts from 10-year old ginseng and other natural ingredients that makes it safe for daily use. The enzyme from HOO-gargle will remove foreign substances after a meal and even plague hidden in our teeth with just one gargle.

Gargling regularly is definitely a healthy habit you should incorporate in your oral care routine to keep bad breath at bay!

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