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How to create a safer working environment while working from home

How to create a safer working environment while working from home

As established previously, exposure to EMF can potentially cause general health issues which include headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, loss of libido or mental health illnesses such as depression. In some cases, overexposure to EMF radiation can affect one’s pregnancy, and lead to cataracts or even cancer. 

In this day and age, being surrounded by electronic devices that emit EMF is a given and almost unavoidable - unless you live in a wooden hut deep in the jungle - so what can we do to protect ourselves while working from home? 

Thankfully, the strength of such EMF radiation diminishes rapidly with distance. At about 30cm, the magnetic fields surrounding most household appliances are more than 100 times lower than the limit in the ICNERP guidelines for the general public.

We suggest distancing yourself from your electronic devices whenever you can! This could take the form of taking short breaks throughout the day and leaving your devices in a separate room or reducing talk times on your mobile phone.


With that covered, what about the people who can't afford to distance themselves from such devices? Should they just accept their fate and wither away as their devices drain the light from their eyes? 

Well of course not. Introducing the NINANO CO:ZAM Blanket and ASSA Wifi Cap! Specially designed to block off harmful EMF radiation, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be exposed to as much EMF radiation as our forefathers who lived in caves were (virtually none at all) 

The Ninano CO:ZAM blanket will protect you from 99.99% of EMF radiation, and is made from organic cotton that can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine. Simply lay it over your body and continue to work on your devices without worry. Alternatively, it can be used as baby bedding to protect your little ones from EMF exposure. 

Work call from home

The ASSA Wifi Cap absorbs 95% of EMF generated by an active WiFi router, and is made with leather and a transparent layer of shielding nanotechnology to protect you from EMF radiation. Ninano's technology has been tested and certified in Korea and is supported by Defence Agency for Technology and Quality (DTaQ). The cap has also received patents for its innovation.

With the Ninano CO:ZAM Blanket and ASSA Wifi Cap in your WFH arsenal, you'll definitely be a whole lot safer from the dangers that EMF radiation could pose.

If you want to know more about the product or make a purchase, simply visit our product detail page. For more updates about our current innovation and products, simply follow our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram account @GoGetSG.

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