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Can Mouthwash Replace the Necessity of Brushing Your Teeth?

Can Mouthwash Replace the Necessity of Brushing Your Teeth?


Have you ever had a time when you were rushing to work and only used mouthwash instead of brushing your teeth? While it saves time and is certainly better than nothing, it might be bad if you turn it into a routine.

Yes, mouthwash can help reduce bacteria and makes your breath smell nicer. But does it get rid of plaque sitting between your teeth? Since plaque is sticky, you still need to brush and floss your teeth to get rid of food particles and to protect against tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth will reduce plaque buildup and the fluoride from toothpaste will help reduce tooth decay.


HOO-gargle also recommends brushing your teeth before using. After that, you can gargle for 30 - 60 seconds and rinse your mouth to have a fresher breath. The Rh2 technology from HOO-gargle produces ginsenoside, which is a unique ginseng substance extracted from 10-year-old ginseng. The technology amplifies it 25 times higher, which will help remove food particles that are causing bad breath.


When it comes to maintaining dental hygiene, brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash always go hand-in-hand. Make sure you always keep a good routine and satisfy your overall dental health. 

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