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Can Exposure to EMF Affect Your Cognitive Function?

Can Exposure to EMF Affect Your Cognitive Function?


What kind of devices and appliances do you use every day? Is it mobile phones? Laptop? Electric kettle? We might not realise how these devices emit EMF radiation waves and long term exposure can become a problem.

How does the EMF work? Now, let us take mobile phones as an example. It is a device closest to us and the device we protect most. According to WHO, mobile phones act as low-powered radio frequency transmitters that will emit EMF when it is turned on. The closer you are to the device, the higher the level of exposure. Therefore, it is recommended to put the phones away when they are not in use or even opt to use a "hands-free" device or technology.

For short-term effects, it might disturb your cognitive function, heart rate, and even blood pressure. This might result in lower focus and concentration. You might want to put off those devices to reduce the effect. As for the long-term effects, there are studies trying to find some association between mobile phone use and brain tumor. Although there are no concrete findings yet, no harm is done in being cautious, right?
Now that we all know the risks, let's manage it to be safe. A digital detox where we spend time away from our technological devices is another way to reduce the EMF exposure from our daily lives. You can start spending more time outdoors, take a jog in the morning, walk in the park, or even read a book.

The Ninano CO:ZAM blanket is another alternative to use your devices safely. Lay it on any part of your body with the largest exposure, such as your lap or lower abdominal area, and it will block 99.99% of the EMF radiation levels.

This blanket is made from organic cotton and can be washed easily by hand or washing machine using the wool course feature. It can also be used as a baby bedding or baby blanket, to protect your baby from EMF caused by other devices.

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