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Bad Breath Problems! How Effective is Your Mouthwash at Fighting Off Bad Breath?

Bad Breath Problems! How Effective is Your Mouthwash at Fighting Off Bad Breath?

Personal or professional, leaving a good impression can be a struggle. While it may seem trivial, the first impression does reflect on our credibility and others' perception of ourselves. However, one important factor that many might miss out on in order to leave a good impression: Our breath.


So, here comes the million-dollar question: Do mouthwash actually work? While research has shown that using mouthwash is one of the solutions to bad breath, it still depends on the type of mouthwash being used.

Then you might ask: What type of mouthwash should I use then? Despite claims from mouthwash companies, using mouthwash with alcohol content may actually make your bad breath even worse. The high alcohol content actually dries out the mouth, giving bacteria a chance to multiply. When your mouth goes dry, the saliva that helps keep your mouth clean and washes away bacteria is gone.


This is why there are many alcohol-free alternatives in the market, such as HOO-gargle. But being alcohol-free is not the sole reason why HOO-gargle is a great addition to your daily oral care routine. Made in Korea, HOO-gargle uses patented technology to extract Ginsenoside Rh2 from 10-year-old ginseng, amplifying its effects by 25 times.

Supported by thesis and tests, the component Rh2 has become well-known in the world, having been proven to have immune-enhancing effects and even anti cancer properties. To test the effectiveness of the component, Oral Chroma was tested on smokers before and after the use of HOO-gargle. The device searches for the presence of the 3 main bad breath causing bacteria: hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide. The results were astounding, with HOO-gargle reducing all 3 bad breath causing bacteria extensively. 

Mouthwash comparison

Now you know the safest alternative to fighting off bad breath. After brushing your teeth, simply use HOO-gargle and rinse off with clean water. You will never have to worry about leaving a bad impression ever again. 

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