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Among the most trusted brands in Korea

SOLCO provide you with the highest quality product standards in generating hydrogen water


A leading Innovator in Health and Fitness

E&M Active boast a variety of relaxing massager and fitness equipment that will surely benefit your health


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Ninano CO:ZAM (Blanket)

Blocking 99.99% of EMF Radiation

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Read up and be informed! Because your health matters to us, here are a few facts that will guide you in understanding better the products we chose to sell in our store. 

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    How Reducing EMF Exposure Can Help You At Work

    Whether you are working from the office or from your home, you will always be exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). According to ‘Advances in Biology, being constantly exposed to EMF will lead to a decrease in productivity. But fret not!...

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    June 5, 2022 GoGetSG TMM

    5 Foods That Can Cause Bad Breath

    Do you feel that your breath suddenly becomes bad after eating? Well, here are five foods that can cause bad breath. They are:  Milk You may be surprised to know that milk causes bad breath. That’s because naturally occurring bacteria...

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